The Avenue HQ is a place for work & collaboration.

Our goal is to create new opportunities for businesses, individuals, and organizations to get their work done and to interact with their community and each other while fostering the type of community that attracts awesome people.

We’re people that could work from anywhere, but we want to work together, more productively. We work independently. We work collaboratively. We freelance. We design. We create. We cowork.

The Avenue HQ is an initiative of the Appleton-based, 501(c)3 non-profit IDEAco and Willems Marketing.


We are also a space for the community. We’re a venue for meetings, for events, and more.

The Co-Founders

Matthew Straub, Co-Founder & Community Manager

Matthew has a love for coworking spaces and loves to help people make cool things happen. He’s a defender of café refugees and those that have fled from their cubicles. He’s also the Communications Director for the City X Project, another initiative by IDEAco.



Brett Schilke, Avenue HQ Co-Founder
Brett Schilke, Co-Founder

Brett is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and storyteller who just likes to make things happen. He doesn’t do well sitting still, and he’s also the Director of IDEAco.